April 18, 2010


And so this week I was in Vegas doing a tradeshow for my company. We had a nice pretty booth and lots of swag to give away including squishy stress relievers, recyclable bags, and tape guns -- cause you know everyone needs a tape gun. Anyways, I was kinda stressed out about the whole show because I didn’t feel very comfortable talking about our product because I just started and I don’t know that much about specifics so I spent most of last week trying to memorize every single brochure I could get my hands on so that I wouldn’t sound like an idiot at the show. Not sure that I accomplished that.

Anyhow, the show was great!  I met a lot of interesting people and learned some new things about our software. I also did a Heart and Soul piano duet with our direct competitors on the grand piano in the convention hall lobby.  Ha!

Okay, let’s get to the interesting part. The tradeshow was at the Flamingo Hilton so that’s where we stayed. FYI, when I checked in the lady at the front desk told me it’s no longer a Hilton and that it’s now a Harrah’s property. First red flag. I check in and get room number 7035. So let me explain to you, The Flamingo hotel is divided into the following room categories:

1) Crappiest of the crap rooms
2) Crap rooms
3) Crap rooms that have been newly renovated to look like a hot pink version of the W rooms

Room 7035 was in category 1. I walked in and the first thing I noticed was the smell of toilet -- like dirty public restroom urine smelling toilet. It was disgusting. I called housekeeping and asked them to “re-clean” the bathroom and I know that they never cleaned it in the first place cause there’s no way they could've ever missed that smell. Anyways, the bathroom smelled a little bit better (but still had a lingering odor) BUT THEN I find out that my heater doesn’t work. It just spews out cold air. So I go downstairs to ask for another room – I wait in line for 25 friggin' minutes only to find out that the hotel is fully booked and they can’t get me another room. And I know it’s not fully booked cause there’s no way they could ever find that many people to stay in their crappy rooms but Manager Tony Rosa tells me it’s booked and that the best he can do is move me tomorrow morning.  Thanks Tony -- I really appreciate it.

So tomorrow morning comes and I go downstairs to get another room – wait another 20 minutes in line and get room 10080. This room is in category 2. It’s slightly better in that the carpet looks like it’s been changed sometime before the hotel was built and there’s granite counter tops in the bathroom. The funny thing is, they had gone through all the trouble of changing the countertops but didn’t bother to change any of the fixtures! So the granite countertop is matched with old rusted corroding faucets and levers. Classy.

Later that night, around midnight when I get back from the tradeshow festivities, I go into the restroom to take a shower and find out that the little pull up thing to transfer the water from the spout to the showerhead is stuck. I look closer and find out – it’s not stuck, it’s just so old that it’s actually corroded into the fixture. Anyways, luckily there’s a little trickle coming down so I was able to shower even though it took me a solid 15 minutes to rinse the suds from my hair.

My pillows were flat as pancakes, a lamp was broken and one side of the curtains were stuck into place. Oh and when I turned on the blow dryer, the air coming out smelled like dried up pee. Needless to say, I slept with my hair wet. I thought about going downstairs to complain but you know what, it was midnight, and I was tired and I didn’t want to move into yet another crappy room.

So the point of this story is -- don't ever stay at the Flamingo.  It's crap.  And the crazy thing is, we paid like a hundred bucks for the crap room.  A hundred bucks!  -- For a weekday -- in Vegas!!  Insane.

Post Script - AND, my co-worker who came on the trip with us, said when he first checked into his room (he had a category 2 room), the door was slightly ajar and when he peeped his head in, the cleaning lady was sitting on the bed watching tv.  When she saw him come in, she quickly fluffed the sheets and pillows and turned off the tv. 


Lynette said...

oh i totally remember heart and soul with you. i thought it was so awesome when you learned how to play both parts on your own (at the same time of course). did you show off that mad skill of yours?

Sandy said...

ROFL!!!! i was laughing out loud on the couch. i can totally see your face when Tony told you come back the next day

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