April 18, 2010

What's MIT's refund policy?

(Poncho's thinking face)

You know what I've been thinking ... I've been thinkin about what would happen if I wrote MIT a letter and asked them for a refund on my education.  I wonder if anyone's ever done that happened before.  I mean don't get me wrong, I had a great time at Sloan and I think I learned a lot yada yada but I just don't think the knowledge I picked up (and all the so called "connections" you gain - which really don't mean much when the economy is crappy and no one is hiring even if you do know someone who knows someone who can "get you in") really added up to $100K.  I mean come on peoples, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars!?!?!?  That's a whole lot of money.  It's so much that I can't even really get a grasp on how much that is.  I mean that's like 4 Priuses!  Or a condo in Vegas!  Or a pretty sweet house in the middle of Texas.  I could buy 50 Macbooks AND 50 Boston Terriers and still have some cash leftover for some dollar scratch-it tickets. I could buy a thousand of the DKNY sunglasses I've been eyeing at Macy's.  And the worst part of all of this is, the hundred thousand dollars doesn't even include the compounded interest on all that money AND the nearly 3 years of loss of income - that's the real kicker.  

Not sure why I've been thinking about this so much lately, maybe it's because I've been getting regular paychecks for a few weeks now and I've been paying off my student loans left and right. They're coming out of the woodwork, there's so many.  I guess the plus side to all of this is that I'll only be paying these for another 15 years or so.  Hahahahahaha.  Isn't that hilarious.  FIFTEEN YEARS.  You almost have to laugh when you say that one out loud.

Ok I know I'm being a little unrealistic about this whole refund thing ... I mean, I'd be open to other options you know.  I'd settle for a partial refund or even some kind of credit, like maybe I can get a discount for friends or family or future generations.  I'd totally be open to that.  Shoot, right now, I'd take a few free tshirts or mugs ... that'd really make my day.

Well I'm off to Target now to return some things and pick up some Neutrogena foaming face wash.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I'll be cuddling up on the couch tonight with a glass of wine and New Moon.  I'm very excited :)


Lynette said...

oh how i miss target

Coastal Suzz said...

i think it's worth a try...maybe you could do a CBA and prove to sloan that their education didn't return the value.

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