May 18, 2010

100 already?

To Lynette -- Thank you for inpsiring me to blog.

And so this is my centennial post.  100 random thoughts by yours truly.  Amazing how you can fill an entire blog with nonsense information, whiny rants (with minimal raves), lots of complaints, and photos of a dog.  You know, I thought long and hard about what to post today.  What I really wanted to do was throw my blog a party!  I mean how fun would that be?  To commemorate this momentous occasion I was thinking hello kitty party hats, frozen margaritas, and a cake with a big fat photo of me on it (ha!) - But Chris said no to the cake - he's obviously no fun.  And then the party idea fizzled when I realized that the only attendees would be me, my cake of me, and well -- Chris.  Poncho's not even here and neither is my sister and so that leaves for a pretty lame party. 

Party for blog. 

So maybe there's a funny topic I can write about or funny pictures I can share with you ... I'm thinking I'm thinking I'm thinking ... but alas - nada.  I got nothing for ya.  But this kinda sorta does remind me of a very long time ago when I had to write an admissions essay for my application to the UC's.  I had ideas on writing about being Asian (yeah so original) and another idea about growing up in an entrepreneurial family (I know *yawn* could I be any more boring) and a million other things but instead I decided to write my essay about writing my essay.  And so I filled up two pages on all of the things I wanted to write about and now I'm filling up an entire post about writing a post.  Anyways:

Funny Story.
Funny Photos.

100 posts .... hmmm I am thinking very hard now ......I guess two things have come out of creating my blog:

1) I have maintained a semblance of sanity.  Just when things get lower than low, in this blog I can complain and vent and list out all the things that are not fair in this world, declaring them unjust and uncalled for, and even though nothing changes (and really ab-so-lute-ly nothing), for some reason I just feel better after announcing it high and low to anyone and everyone that will listen and that helps me get through the day. 


2) Ivy is now blogging (though not regularly) and so is Mayra and Devon and after all my pleas and pestering to Alli she's decided to start not one but TWO blogs!!  So much fun!  I'm very excited.  My final blog plea will go out to Cindy.  Do it Cindy.  You know you want to. 

Anyways, I'll end this post with a photo of Poncho trying to look Chinese.  You know I just had to include a pic of the dog.  How could I not. 

And on second thought, I think I will have a party this weekend.  We'll see if Chris lets me order the cake. 

Good night
 thanks for reading


Cindy said...

ok , I may blog, but I don't know the first thing about how to get the damn thing started, how truly lame is that....

Cindy said...

Ting, don't faint, but I have a blog, nothing fancy, but here it is: let me know what you think : )

Lynette said...

i'm in need of some inspiration

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