May 26, 2010

Hello Pacman, Goodbye weekend.

Ever since Google turned their homepage into a Pacman game I've been obsessed.  It was such a treat on Friday morning when I turned on my computer and saw the game :)  I played it all day and then Friday night I made Chris play as Player 2 (Ms. Pac).  We had a whole system down where I was designated to the right hand side of the screen and he was designated to the left and before one of us ate a ghost turner circle we'd yell out, "I'm gonna eat one!"  And there was a rule where only in the first 3 stages could we  chase ghosts to eat them.  After level 3 it was all business .... focus on the dots.  It worked out pretty well.  We got as far as the level with the funny looking dragonfly thingy.   

On Saturday I woke up early to play some more because I knew that Google Pac was only going to be live on the site until the end of the day.  And then at 11:30 PM Saturday night after watching Jennifer Body's (surprisingly an entertaining movie) I made Chris play with me until we got sleepy.  

On Sunday I was sad because I thought Google would take away the Pacman app forever but then I looked on the web and found that a million other sites had copied the game AND Google had made it available to play as often as I'd like!  Oh bless their hearts ... I was so happy.  By then the Pacman obsession was at its worse.  I had already played Pacman on all the other free game sites that I could find and then I ended up downloading Pac the Man X.  Not that fun but it kept me entertained for about 3.5 hours.  

I love love video games.  I remember asking for Nintendo Super Mario Brothers for my birthday as a kid and I remember playing Tetris on my Gameboy and then when my dad brought home our first computer I spent hours playing Commander Keen and Boulderdash and Prince of Persia.  As an adult, I still carry around my DS most of the time (as long as my purse is big enough) and Chris and I waited overnight in a tent outside of the Best Buy in East Palo Alto to be first in line to get the Wii.  We bought two just in case.  And then when I was supposed to be studying for my Finance final my second semester at Sloan, I made Chris take me to Best Buy to get the Wii Fit (it was just released that day!) and he made me promise not to play it until I finished my final the next day (silly boy).  So when he went into the bedroom to take a nap (he just finished 2 finals in a row) I took the Wii Fit out of the box and played for two hours until I was all hot and sweaty and then carefully placed it back into the box and then went back to my desk to pretend like I was studying before he woke up.  

anyways, I just want to say 
thank you to Google 
for creating that app.
it really made me smile.  
did anyone else enjoy it as much as I did?    


grace said...

i played too. i think you were the one who told me. but i officially suck at pacman. couldn't get past the first level.

Lynette said...

i was camping and missed out. thanks for the forver link.

Mayra said...

Something about Pacman that makes me very anxious and nervous. I too played on Google site and found myself screaming as I was being eaten by those ghosts! But it was very clever of Google, wasn't it?

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