May 13, 2010


Obette snapped this photo of Ponch.  Poor thing. 

Yesterday was one of the longest days of my life. We left the house at 7:30 in the AM and spent 2 hours on the road getting to the Santa Monica DMV to register Chris' car (because he still has his Mass. plates).  And then on the way home after work, we spent another hour and a half in the car.  So total commute for that day:  3.5 hours.  76 miles. 

Anyways, I think there is a breaking point in the car in which your brain just clicks and asks you:

Why are you still sitting here? 
Why are you wasting our life away like this? 
Have you lost all of your marbles?

That breaking point for me is 1.5 hours.  At that point in time - it just doesn't make any. logical. sense. anymore.  Nothing makes any sense.  You're half-delirious and half-dumbfounded and you start laughing aloud (at yourself) and you throw up your arms and yell out, "Really?!!?  I mean, come on now, REALLY?!?!" 

What if that moment was my last moment on Earth?   I mean, just imagine it, as I meet my creator, and I am standing there in line with everyone else that wants to meet Him, I would overhear stories about fantastic skydiving stunts or hunting wild boar in the jungles of South America or jumping in front of cars to save small children!  Amazing stuff like that.  But all I would have to share is: Oh, me?  I was sitting in a car.  In traffic.  Listening to Ryan Seacrest talk about babies. 

And so it's another day. 
Another Thursday. 
And tomorrow is Friday! 
I can't wait for the weekend. 
And so I ask you:
How did your week fare? 


daphne said...

hey ting! just wanna say i love reading your blog! ponchie is so cute!! :D but newfies are fluffy adorableness too! say hi to chris 4 me! jordan and i miss u here in nyc. come visit sometime?

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