May 31, 2010

Still no wedding plan

On Sunday my mother and I bought out Max Studio.  About 20 dresses, way too many tops to count, and 3 hours later we ended the madness.  I'm not going to mention the financial damage as Christopher reads this blog but let's just say my wadrobe will be content through the Summer.

Oh and have I mentioned that I'm over F21.  I've been about 5 times the last two and half weeks and each time I've walked out with nothing.  Not one single piece of clothing that I liked.  Strange, I know.  So yes, I'm boycotting the entire chain.  At least until Fall.  Very disappointing.

On Memorial Day, bright and early, we went to look at homes.  My parents have been PUSHING Chris and I to buy a place.  No not because we can afford one and not because they want us to move out, but because LA home prices are a steal right now.  Ivy's in the process of buying a home in Ontario and so there's this house hunting mania running through our household.  And so we spent the better part of the morning looking at gorgeous brand new townhomes in Garden Grove.  I want one now.

Oh and I've done absolutely zero wedding planning this weekend.  It was the only thing on my to do list and I failed miserably in trying to cross it off.  BUT (yes there is a but and I will warn you beforehand that it is a bad one) I have managed to watch 6 episodes of The OC Season 1, eat an entire box of chocolate Pocky and finish 3 (yes only 3) granny squares this weekend.

And I know.  
My posts have been short 
and lame 
and few and far in between.  
I promise to get this thing started up again.
With lots of new and exciting topics (or at least ones of interest) 
and funny photos.  
I've just been feeling lazy lately. 
How was your weekend? 


Cindy said...

they may be short but they always make me laugh. If you buy a house maybe your commute will be shorter and you can use the gas money toward the mortgage, just a thought.

Lynette said...

F21 has been a lot of misses for me. I keep going but always with low expectations.

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