May 9, 2010

Weekend in review

Cornell U - Such a fabulous library, isn't it?  We stopped in during our cross country road trip to Boston. 

It's funny the power of weekends you know.  I was a different person this past Saturday and Sunday.  I was the old me.  The hopeful, happy, goofy, and just all around better version of the current me.  The current me, as you very well know, stresses out about student loans and car payments and long commutes.  But the weekend me is cheerful and funny and stress-free.  Not once did I think about all the money I owe CitiBank, the state of Massachusetts and MIT - not even once!  

I even went through all of our storage boxes in the garage and found myself five pairs of shoes I've been looking for (so very exciting!) and even nabbed myself some jeans in the boxes way in the back.  I played with Poncho and fed him more treats than anyone should ever know - especially Ivy because she'll kill me when she sees how fat he's gotten this past week.   Why, my parents, Chris and I even tried out The Boiling Crab place that everyone's been talking about.  Chris broke his diet for the first time in two weeks and engorged himself on shrimp, oysters and crayfish.  Oh my it was so tasty.  So messy - but so so good.  

I also found my guitar, practiced some tunes, unwrapped my keyboard, painted my nails, knitted up some granny squares, took photos of the roses out back, ate a Krispy Kreme donut and even curled my hair.  AND it's only 5 PM.... oh my. I'm so very proud of myself.  Except for the donut.  I shouldn't have eaten that.  

Sigh.  And tomorrow is Monday.  The beginning of yet another week.  Tomorrow I'll revert back to my usual self.  But who knows, maybe it's the beginning of something new.  Maybe slowly I'll snap myself out of this funk and I'll start acting like my old self again.  Or not.  But either way, the weekend is only 5 short days away....  


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