June 23, 2010

Let the wedding frenzy begin.

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This past weekend I went to try on wedding dresses.  Now, let me preface this --  I didn’t want to go.  I really didn't.  I mean, of all people, I am not the type to want to wear a fancy, over-priced dress that’s so tight you can’t eat, drink, dance, bend over, pee, or breath in.  This is the girl that shops at F21 and this is the girl that wears stretchy tights to buffets specifically so I don't have to unbutton my jeans afterwards.  I am all about the comfort.  And unrestricting pants.    

For my wedding day, I was picturing something simple from a department store perhaps.  Something flowy and soft and maybe even … cottony!  Yes I said it.   

So anyways. On the day of, Saturday morning, I told Ivy, "Let's just cancel it.  I’m not in the mood."  I had a belly full of sushi and was just about ready to start my OC episodes.  And I almost did, but Ivy said, “Let’s just go.  It might be fun.”

And so I went - heavy heeled - to Marylinn’s Bridal Boutique in Monrovia.  And well - let me tell you.  I had the most grandest time!!   

I loved every dress I tried on.  Really I did.  It was such a wonderful feeling looking all pretty and fancy like that.  I mean there was even a dress I couldn't inhale properly in because it was strapped so tightly to my body but, I didn't even notice.  Not one bit. 

Anyhow, I fell in love with one in particular.  It’s just the most beautiful dress in the world that's all.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  I want that dress.  I keep telling myself that I need that dress.  I was ready to buy it that day.  And I would've but I didn’t.  I will exercise at least a little bit of self control and wait for my mom to see it (and maybe, just maybe buy it for me :))

So this weekend I’m going back to try on more dresses from the same designer, but I know I won’t like any of them as much as that one.  I already know that.
And so I guess this is how it all starts.
I’m worried about what's to come.... 


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