June 17, 2010

Less jam please.

Yesterday I just about had it with my other significant other (that's what it feels these days).  I threw up my hands in desperation and yelled out (in the typical overly dramatic Ting tone), "What do you want from me!?!?  I mean really, what more do you want from me?  I have given you everything I can give and I have no more.  You've drained me dry and all that's left is a hollow sad sack of bones and skin which is me."  Okay so maybe I'm exaggerating a teensy bit but do you understand what I'm going through?  I mean, really, DO YOU???  It is very stressful this wedding planning.  It really is.  And I hate it, I despise it.  Shouldn't this be something that I enjoy?  I mean shouldn't planning the day in which I will formally and officially be linked to the love of my life for ever eternity be a joyous occasion?  I mean, shouldn't it!?!?!? Well it should, but it's Not.  With a big fat N.     

Yesterday I thought it would be a great idea to approach this venue selection process the way in which I would handle a business school project - via my Bff Excel. So I created a spreadsheet with each major destination city in Mexico as a tab (Cabo, PV, Nuevo Vallart, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and "Other Riviera Maya")  Then listed out all the hotels in each city indicated with the following:

TAR - Tripadvisor Ranking
TA* - Tripadvisor Hotel Class
SS* - Sidestep Hotel Class
Y!R - Yahoo! Travel Review Rating
A? - Adults Only? Y/N
AI? - All-Inclusive? Y/N
Comments box - with entries such as:
  • "Rocky Beach"
  • "No Beach Access"
  • "DEATHLY HORRIBLE Reviews" (For reviews that make me cringe or shriek in horror - you know talks about dirty bathrooms, bed bugs, mildew, or old outdated furniture)
  • "For the love of god, TOO MANY Children!" (For reviews that mention an abundance of screaming children in the pool areas - shudder - not sure if that's worse than the bed bugs.  Just kidding) 
So anyways, I thought my spreadsheet was an ingenious idea and that I could somehow formulate a magical equation that would output the right answer.  Well you know what - I thought wrong.  I was really really wrong.  Because now all I have is a big fat stupid spreadsheet with way too much information and acronyms and I've scared myself silly reading literally like thousands upon thousands of reviews.  So yes, I have nothing for ya -- no conclusions, no answers and no hotel choice.  I couldn't even decide on a city.  Ha!  

Welcome to the indecisive, cluttered, tangled up mess that is my brain.  This reminds me of this study about jam choices and how when presented with too many options, people just blank.  And that's where I'm at right now - my mind is completely void of everything.  I guess the good thing is that now with a clean slate, I can approach this with some logic.  

Wish me luck.  I'll need a drink tonight. 


Mayra said...

You just gotta know what you want. I'll choose raspberry jam 100% of the time.

UrbanDoggs said...

The planning is never fun~

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