July 21, 2010

busy busy bee ...

I have been working diligently on my wedding site/blog. I've decided to NOT use a template from theknot and instead have been spending hours upon hours making my five year old art project beautiful (yay!). It's actually disgusting the amount of websites I've looked through trying to find the perfect design and background for my new blogsite. It's become an obsession really.  I've looked at so many designs that I've even had time to redesign this one.  You like?  

I've also been very busy working on the save the date's and homemade bridesmaid invitations.  I've realized that the my save the date postcards can't be sent out until I have the wedding site up and running and I can't have the site up and running without sending out my bridesmaid invitations.  This weekend will be devoted solely on making cards for the 8 special ladies in my life - I promise to finish them by Sunday evening, even if it kills me.  

I've also been learning to sew ... yes, sew with a sewing machine!  And oh how much I love it.  I'm giddy just thinking about it now.  Ivy and I took a intro to sew class a few weeks ago .. have I blogged about that yet?  If not, I've been meaning to.  My "one yard wonders" book has just arrived and I can't wait to sew something tonight.  

I've also been obsessed lately with learning how to use the manual mode on my SLR.  Don't ask how that all started.  I'm learning all kinds of stuff about fstops, shutter speeds and ISO.  Yes I know, all very basic stuff for you camera enthusiasts, but very advanced stuff for dummies like me who own a SLR and still have never taken any photos outside of auto mode.  I know - very lame.  

Oh and you know last weekend I was also busy turning 30.  I had a great time with Ivy, Obette, Jen, Andy, May, Geo, Alli and Chris.  Thanks for helping me ease into my 30th year.  I had a fabulous time.

Here are some photos I took of Poncho .. I obviously haven't figured out how to use manual mode as of yet. Bear with me.  



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