July 15, 2010

Fancy schmancy

I have spent the better part of the week working on our wedding website …. late late evenings and early early mornings and sadly to say, I don’t have much to show.  I didn’t want to use one of those template sites from theknot or eWedding because I wanted to be special and do something unique (and inflict upon myself hours of pain and frustration) so I decided to use blogger because with blogger you can keep your site forever and ever (though now thinking about it, not sure why I’d want to keep it past the wedding date) AND because you can customize the site to your heart’s content and well because I love blogger but that’s beside the point. 

Anyways, I set my mind on using Blogger and then spent the week customizing the header (about a million times) and figuring out ways to make my wedding site look more like an actual website and not a blog site and now in hindsight (that's 4 "sites" in a row!) I know why people use theknot/ewedding and not blogger because it’s hard to do if you don’t know html.  And my html knowledge is very basic (crappy really) and it results in a lot of these type of google searches: “html code __fill in the blank__” 

So, this morning I woke up at 5:30 to finish the basic outline (yes that’s all I’ve done) and I was so proud of myself because it’s up and it kinda sorta works.  Keep in mind, I’ve been obsessing over this for a week now - so much so that I’ve had dreams about it (which I attribute more to the fact that it’s what’s on my mind before I fall asleep than to the fact that it’s consuming my life – but I guess it is because I do think about it a lot.  ANYways.) 

So yes long story short:  The task is done. 

After all the time and hard work I’ve put into it, today, I get an email from a classmate who just got engaged and there’s a link to their site.  So, of course, I click on it.  And when I opened the site, it was playing pretty music (which blogger can’t do) and they had professional engagement photos taken and uploaded and overall their site was just so pretty and so fancy and made my site look like a 5 year old’s art project.   

So yes, now I’m debating whether or not I should just use theknot so that you guys will see an aesthetically pleasing and organized (and boring) wedding site, OR, if I should bite the bullet, hold my head up high and use the site I've worked so hard on.   Decisions decisions ….

Stay tuned …  


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