July 27, 2010

Farewell friend ...

One of the highlights of turning 30 last week was that I received a new Macbook Pro.  Sadly to say my old Pro (almost 5 now) has been dying a slow death and every time I upload more photos it moans out to me, "Please stop filling me up with photos of stupid random things in the house and of that stinky dog ... I just can't take it anymore. "  The battery's been dead for about 3 years and if ever it accidentally unplugs from the wall, the screen snaps black and it shuts down.  Literally just like that - 2 seconds and complete blackness.  Rude. 

Anyhow, last week Chris suggested that I list my old Pro on Craigslist.  I gasped.  "Sell it?"  Why on earth would I do that??  It's only the thing I love so much and it connects me to the blogging world and to Photoshop and it taught me how to crochet (crochet! though not very well) and it got me through 2 long years of business school .. why that's all.  That's all.   I'm just not ready to give it away.   To a total stranger might I add.  No thank you.  

And then Chris said, "You don't need two computers.  That's indulgent.  And you know you could get at least $500 for the old one." 
Why hold on there ... $500 is quite an amount of money.  I could get that new camera lens ... or I could even save up for my wedding ... or (my best thought yet) I could take that cash and go straight to Max Studio and buy every single dress that fancies my eye.  Every.  single.  dress.

So last night, I did the inevitable and I listed it online - thinking (and hoping) that no one would email me back, cause then well I just have to keep it.  But of course, as soon as the listing went up, three emails popped into my inbox, asking if it were available.  I hesitated.  I changed my mind - I'm not gonna sell it!  I changed my mind again - I should sell it.  And then these loopy thoughts whirled around my head: "How are we going to get along without that 15.4 inch screen?  The new one's only 13 inches.  What about editing photos - I mean how would we do that with only 13 inches??  It's craziness.  We'll go blind!  Blind I say!!"  

Tonight I backup my files and reformat the hard drive.  Tonight I meet John the Japanese man who will pick up my metal friend and take him away.   Here's the song I have in my head:

T: Sigh.  Chris - aren't you sad? It's just so sad. 
C: You'll survive.

End of post.  


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