July 16, 2010

Just another day.

The look on Poncho's face this morning when I told him I was turning 30 tomorrow.
And so today is my last day in my twenties.  I was thinking about it last night and came to the conclusion that I’m pretty much halfway through my life.  I have another 30 or so (if I’m lucky) of good living years left so I better make the most out of it.  It’s a funny thing ... this whole thing about milestones.  All of a sudden, once a year or once a decade or whenever you approach an important marker in your life, you take a step back from the daily grind of things and come up with some grand realization like, “I’m the age my mom was when she had me,” or “I can’t believe I’m actually totally completely 100% done with school,” or in my case today:  “I’ve lived half my life already.”

Ok so maybe I’m exaggerating (just a little) but it could be true.  The point is, I guess the good out of all of this is that I’m 30 and that I’m taking the time to step back and think about all the good things in my life --- things like Chris and friends and family and Poncho and the fact that I have a job and that I finally (finally) set a date for the wedding (yay!).  And, the best part of all of this is, I’m finally done with my 20s!  I'm so glad that's all done with.  I now know all sorts of wonderfully important things like ...  eat lots of fiber and wear sunblock and live life looking forward not backward and of course the most cliche of them all: life is short (though in my twenties I never thought I'd get old), but it is and you really should make the most out of it.  I’ve also come to terms with my bowl-legs, huge forehead, abnormally long torso, and thin hair.  I’m ok with all that.  Really, I am. 

This morning, at 7 AM, I found a birthday card on the dining room table from my parents.  My dad wrote this: 

“Dear Ting, When you were one, I was thirty one.  When you are thirty, I am 60.   I’ll see you at 100.  Love, Mom and Dad.”

Don’t ask me what that means.  I think it was supposed to be a comment on how fast time passes?  Or maybe something more philosophical, like age is just a number.  Who knows, when it comes to my dad it could mean anything, literally.  For all I know, it could be a math problem.  FYI when I was a kid, my dad would quiz me with math problems in the car.  Yeah, that’s what it’s like to grow up in a Chinese household.

Anyways, I'm off to Vegas this weekend to celebrate with friends.  I can't wait to see everyone and spend a relaxing weekend, eating, drinking and laughing.  3 of my favorite things you know.

Have a fabulous weekend and try not to melt from the heat.


Lily said...

Happy Belated Bday! Hope you had a good day. Congrats on the wedding date. Exciting! Talk to you soon.

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