July 12, 2010

I'm back!

Oh you'd be so proud ... I accomplished so much this week! 

We had a great trip back east visiting the Gaudet's ... all one hundred and fifteen of them.  Just kidding ... there's only ten. But it felt like a hundred.  It really did.  I've noticed in large (and loud) families that instead of waiting for someone to finish speaking, the best (and most dominant) strategy is just to talk over and talk louder than that person.  Apparently it's the only way to be heard?  I've also noticed that in large families (with a wide range of ages), someone is always awake and always making noise so sleeping is hard to come by.  Case in point, 6 am (3 am California time), baby and toddler wake up.  6:30 am (3:30 am California time) toddler runs (stomping, really) back and forth, back and forth, across marble floors directly above Chris' room where I am soundly sleeping.  It made for lovely mornings.

Other interesting highlights: we went on a wild moose hunt.  Well, we didn't actually hunt the moose, we just followed them around and took pictures.

I also finally got to witness, in person, the annual Wolfeboro town parade.  It's a funny thing, watching small town parades.  One lady dyed her poodle red, white and blue and that I guess constituted something important enough to be in the parade.  Another important group -  senior citizens carrying lawn chairs?

Other than the noise, the stifling heat, and the fight for food (if you want a cookie, you best grab it early on because by the end of the meal they'll be gone) I had a fabulous time, as always.  We ate (lots), laughed (lots) and spent the days playing on the water.

So what is it that I accomplished you ask??  Why let me tell you...

I secured not only a venue for the wedding, but also a date!  Contract is signed, sealed, and the money's been slapped down.  I'm so excited :)  


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