July 26, 2010

What I (didn't) accomplish this weekend:

i did not finish the save the date's.  why, i didn't even pick them up.  why is that you ask?  well because when i ordered them on www.mypostcardprinting.com they didn't give me a shipping option.  when i confirmed my details on the confirmation page, the only box available for me to check was "local pickup - Santa Monica."  so i checked it.  it's only a few miles from work, i figured i could grab them during my lunch break one day.  on thursday i called and they said they would be ready friday.  i called on friday and asked them what time.  he said 6 o'clock.  i told him i would get them monday.  then i called back again 5 minutes later and asked if they were open on saturdays. he said yes - we are open until 2 pm.  

on saturday i met eileen and jenn and a bunch of other sloanies for brunch in manhattan beach.  then we started driving to santa monica to pick up the save the date's.  it took us over an hour.  this is why i hate los angeles.  the traffic on a saturday afternoon is enough to make you cry.  we called the postcard place and asked if they could stay open for another 5 minutes because we were running late.  the lady asked me for my invoice number and i gave it to her and then she said, "oh --- your order isn't ready yet.  our printers broke on friday and your order was affected.  it won't be done until next week."

nice.  we sat in traffic for an hour to find out that the order wasn't ready.  i was very annoyed.  here's the rest of our conversation:

t: do you have my email address on file?
stupid postcard lady (spl): yes

t: do you have my phone number on file?
spl: yes

t: did you know at some point on friday before 6 pm that my postcards were not going to be ready?
spl: yes

t: does it not make sense to call your customers to let them know that their orders are not going to be ready? especially since you have both my email and phone number on file?
spl: silence

t: did you know that we sat in traffic for one hour to pickup postcards that are not ready?
spl: i apologize for any inconvenience that we ha---

t: when are my postcards going to be ready?
spl: monday

t: please have them shipped to me.  do you have my address on file?  please confirm and have my postcards shipped there.  when will they arrive?
spl: tuesday or wednesday.

t: i would like you to repeat back to me that my postcards will be at my door on wednesday.  
spl: yes they will be there on wednesday.

t: please email me my tracking and confirmation number monday morning when they ship out.  thank you.  

save the date's: not yet done.  

did i finish my bridesmaid invitations?  did i even start?  no i didn't.  i was so aggravated on saturday after the postcard incident that i brewed in my frustration for the better part of the afternoon.  then my mom made me shrimp for dinner and i felt better.  

on sunday we went to our usual spot, souplantation, for lunch and i spent the rest of the day taking photos in the backyard.  then i went to target to buy nail polish.  chris picked an ugly shimmery black color with glitter and that is what i have on my nails this week.  

how was your weekend?
 . . .  


UrbanDoggs said...

Ting- here's the link from a blog I follow (Called Cup of Jo) She says this is a good wedding project site http://www.projectwedding.com/wedding-ideas/home Don't balme me if its not cuz I didn't read it :)

also can you give me those dates. I emailed you last week. Lavanson and I are also planning a vacationfor April or May and I want to get your dtaes before I start planning. Thanks

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