August 3, 2010

My friend: Chris' canker sore.

Chris eating beef in Argentina.

Every year or so, Chris gets a canker sore in his mouth.  It's usually on his tongue and it's usually pretty painful -- so much so that he can't talk or eat and he gets kind of sluggish and sometimes he runs a fever and he just all around feels really crappy.  And usually during this time, he is pretty sulky and poopy and just sits in front of the television and doesn't want anyone to bother him.  I personally think his sour mood comes from the fact that he's food deprived and probably starving because he can't chew much and so he eats lots of unfulfilling things like soups and popsicles.  

Anyways, this week is one of those times.  And even though I know he's in pain and he gives me this sad helpless look every time I look his way, inside my dark mind, I kind of like this time of the year.  And no not because I'm sadistic and mean but because for almost a whole entire week, Chris doesn't talk.  Nothing - not one peep.  All he can do is grunt and maybe mumble a few things here and there like, "pfofpsicle" or "ice fwwater flease" but most of the days, he's quiet.  And this my friends is great because it means I can talk about anything and everything I wish, and all he can do is sit and listen.  I can babble on and on about all the crazy loopy things running through my head and I can tell him stories like: How I decided to wear this gray and white striped skirt to work and how I chose silver jewelry over gold to match it.  And I don't get interrupted and he can't ask any questions and he just sits and listen (or so I think he is).  

Last night I played this game with him in bed - (no, not that game, sheesh, I live with my parents for crissakes).  The name of the game is called, "Don't say anything if ...."

It goes like this:

T: Don't say anything if ... you think you're chubby.  
C: silence.

T: Don't say anything if ... you think you're smelly. and oily!
C: silence.

T: Don't say anything if ... you think I'm ten thousand times smarter than you.
C: silence.

T: Don't say anything if .... you think I'm the most perfect person in the world.
C: silence.

T: Don't say anything if .... you think I'm not annoying at all and love listening to everything that comes out of my mouth.
C: *Low grunt and loud chuckle*  
T: I resent that. 

See??? Such a fun game!

We also get to play charades.  And why is this such a big deal?  Well because Chris doesn't like to play games (I know blasphemy!) -- he doesn't like video games or board games or any kind of game actually.  He's just un-fun like that.  "If you spent as much time working as you do talking, you'd get so much more done."  These are the things he says to me.  Anyways, so this one time of year, he actually indulges me and plays charades because well there's no other way he can convey what wants.  So yes, to me, it's a game, and to him it's, "get me what I need woman." Last night, this is what he charaded me, "please cut off my head, remove it and place it on my crotch." And then he did a gesture with one finger pointing upwards and another making a donut hole.  I still don't know what he was trying to say.  I'll have to clarify with him later today.

Anyways, the canker has another day or so to heal 
so let the games continue! 


Mayra said...

TMI, maybe? :)

Cindy said...

LOL. I agree, it really is the men that do most of the talking when given the opportunity.

grace said...


daphne said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! I literally burst out laughing out loud when i read this post. Esp the bit about Chris charading...HAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!

I love it Ting! :) I simply LOVE it.

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