August 18, 2010


This morning as Chris and I were making our breakfasts (oatmeal, AGAIN) and packing our lunches, I looked over and saw Pepper peeing on Chris' lunch bag.  It was so so funny.  I was just staring as she squatted and peed away because really it was too late to do anything, so I just watched as she peed all over the grocery bag that Chris uses to put his lunch in.  The good thing was that her pee pee just balled up and it rolled right off when I brought it outside.  I had Ivy hose it down anyway just in case.

Anyways, after she pee peed, 
I picked her up and said, 
"It's ok.  I still love you."  
She's just too darn cute. 


grace said...

i can't wait to meet her on sat!

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