August 29, 2010


This weekend we puppy-sat. 
(if you look closely, pepper's in chris' arms.  and Poncho's butt is at chris' head.  haha.  poncho loves to do that.) 

It was exhausting. The little one was sick and had all kinds of things coming out of both ends of her. Poor thing.  
We woke up throughout the night checking up on her and cleaning the surprises she left for us in her kennel.  
I'm not sure how Ivy does it.  I was tired after just one night.  

I'm beginning to think that having babies is going to be really hard.  I'm not sure I have the energy.  Or the patience.  Chris has a lot of both so maybe it'll be all right.

Ivy ended up coming home early from Vegas because she was worried about Pepper.  Turns out she ate something bad and her body was just running its course.  

Poncho was so good this weekend.  
He was his fat jolly farty self.  
I put him on the treadmill because he's getting kinda fat.  He's got fat rolls on his neck and when you rub his belly it jiggles.

He's looking quite svelte now isn't it?  With his pointy ears and shiny coat and check out that sexy smile.  All he needs is some braces and he's magazine ready.
Oh and he's so good on the treadmill.  I put him at a brisk pace and he power walked for 25 minutes.
Then he passed out panting on the kitchen floor for about an hour

Tonight Helen's taking me to Lawry's for my belated birthday dinner.  Looking forward to the yorkshire pudding and the spinning bowl salad.  

Hope everyone had a good weekend!



grace said...

i owe you a birthday dinner! where ya wanna go?

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