August 27, 2010

wedding colors.

Some ideas ...

I'm really liking fuchsia right now. it's such a pretty and bold color.   

And I think it looks so pretty with pink.  
But I also really like it with orange and dark purple:

And here it is with Red.  It's really hard to go wrong with red don't you think? 

I'd also like to incorporate turquoise somehow.  Maybe something like this?

I love love this dress.  It's absolutely adorable. 
. . .
I'm definitely leaning towards bright colors though. 
How about fuchsia with orange and yellow AND turquoise ?? 
Do you think that's too much color?  

on a separate (and more serious) note:
tomorrow - chris is getting an endoscopy.
his stomach is still bothering him and the doctor
wants to look at it a little bit closer.
with a tiny little camera.

my christopher is nervous tonight.
really nervous.
so i made him a nice dinner.
and let him eat about 15 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
and i'll rub his back until he falls asleep tonight.
keep him in your thoughts tomorrow.


grace said...

those are really pretty colors and dresses. you know i'm always partial to any sort of purple! poor christopher...

UrbanDoggs said...

Ting- These are gorgeous! Any of them would be great, Oh BTW - I was reading your post @ work and Cindy Bickle saw the dresses too. She thinks they're hot, especial the aqua one. Says to tell you "hey"
hope Chris feels oK.

Mayra said...

Bright colors in Mexico is a must!

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