September 26, 2010

At Home. And it's hot.

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This weekend we were supposed to head up north to meet Suzzy and Terry and Mayra and Geoffrey in Napa for Terry's 35th birthday.  But, we didn't go because of a stupid stomach bug I got earlier in the week.  Taking into consideration that food was still going right through me (literally) --- on Friday evening after work, I made the sad decision not to partake on the 7 hour car trip.  It was a long and drawn out decision making process.  Chris and I sat in the car for about 30 minutes, making a list of reasons to go and not to go.  And then in the middle of the list making process, I ran back to the bathroom at work and well - I guess my body made the final call.  So we drove back home, suitcases and pillows and road trip snacks in tow.  And I had my dinner of saltine crackers.

On Saturday we went to look at homes and I found the house that I would like Chris to buy for me and move us into after we get married.  It's in a brand new development and it's a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom townhouse and it's just perfect.  It's not built yet, but will be ready in June of next year.  Perfect timing.  Now all we need to do is save up for the down payment.  Oh and it's in Montebello.  (Where I went to high school.)   It's not the best area but it's not the worst either and well, everyone has to start somewhere and that's where I'd like to make my start. 

Today after taking a two hour nap, Chris dragged me out of the house and took me to Tea Station.  I should have ordered the taro snow ice with boba (what Chris got).  

It was a lot tastier than my regular milk ice tea.  Do you know Tea Station charges almost $4 for a drink?  Is that insane?  It's just tea and powdered milk and tapioca balls. It was good though.  Even though my stomach hurt for about 45 minutes afterwards. Well worth it. 

And then we went to the Halloween store.  I think I'm going to be a witch this year.  

Chris took this picture of me.  Look at how horrible my posture is.  If you ever see me standing like this, please slap my back and tell me to stand up straight.  Really, I mean it.  

I was surfing the internet and look at other people I found with bad posture:

(miley - not that bad.)
(keira - not that great)
(tori - absolutely horrible)
Notice the trend: Shoulders forward and head sticking out like a chicken pecking feed.  I wonder if it has something to do with neck muscles?  Maybe my neck just isn't strong enough to hold my head back?  Or maybe my head's just really heavy.  
Anyways, then I saw this photo of Emma Watson.  I stand exactly like this!  I found my bad posture clone!  Head hanging low. Back arched  Shoulders jutting forward.  Stomach out -- that's the key -- the stomach.  I always stick my pooch out.  It's just so comfortable. 
Anyway, I should improve my posture before I grow a real humpback.
Enough silliness.  Have a good night and hope everyone had a good weekend.
Just 5 more days until next weekend. 


grace said...

hey! what happened to "melissa's favorite songs" playlist?

and i always thought you were mr. burns's doppelganger. ;)

Lynette said...

my mom always smacks my back.
i need a costume idea.
$4 is ridic, i miss taiwan.
i live in a 3/3.5 townhome - very nice.

-you need to stand against a wall every day (mom's prescription) to know what good posture feels like.
-your neck muscles are tight, not weak. stretch your neck muscles, they've gotten that way from sitting at a computer/desk all day.
-work out stomach/core. you can just practice sucking in. it's an actual exercise - do it 15 times.. or on your drive to work.

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