September 8, 2010

twilight twilight twilight

And so this past weekend, I spent 3 fabulous days and 2 very fun nights with Mayra, Grace and Allison.  We had decided that we desperately needed a vacation and a girls' weekend away ... so away and away we went.  To the exciting and exotic ---- Palm Springs!  Palm Desert actually.  And to our surprise, but not really because we all had read the weather forecast ... Palm Desert is apparently where all of the heat of the Earth and of the stars and planets in all of the galaxies in our universe gather.  Comments like, "This is what hell's fires must feel like," and "I think we've journeyed to the center of the Earth" were made.  It was hot ladies and gentleman.  So very. very. hot.

We spent the weekend doing the usual ... chatting and catching up on husbands, fiances, boyfriends, jobs, babies, weddings ... we shopped and played board games over bottles of wine, ate at delicious restaurants, and we watched movies.  In particular, we watched (and re-watched) the Twilight and New Moon DVD and then we went to see Eclipse at the theater.  I had been saving Eclipse because my logic was this:  the longer I wait to see it the longer I have to anticipate it and the better the movie will be -- and just knowing that made me really happy.  I know - that doesn't make any sense, but does anything about Twilight make sense?  It's sick.  Anyhow, Eclipse was the most wonderfullest movie I've seen in a very long time.  So wonderful in fact that I called Chris the next day and asked him to find it in a theater near our house so we can see it again (and again and again and again). 

In the past year or so, I seem to have forgotten how much I love the saga.  Today, I re-read Midnight Sun and this weekend's goal is to go through the boxes in the garage and find my copies of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn so that I can re-read those again.  Goodness.  The madness is starting again isn't it? 

Tonight, when I turned on my computer I thought about things that I could blog about.  I was thinking, I should upload my photos from the weekend trip or log into and watch more tutorials on Photoshop.  But instead, I opened my email and looked for the playlist Jenn had created for me of all the Twilight saga songs.  And that is what I'm listening to now.  For about a half hour, I just sat and listened to the songs feeling a bit lost and slightly depressed.  Allison wrote a post not too long ago about the feelings and emotions that the saga evokes.  Here it is.  She's much better at encapsulating the intense misery and utter love that is Twilight.

Anyhow, it's been an unproductive night.  And it will probably remain so.

I'd like to end this post by saying, I love you Edward. 

Signing off,


Mayra said...

Ohoh, here we go again!

Allison said...

LOL - once again, I've waited too long to read your blog and had to read 5 entries at once. Glad you finally gave in and dedicated at least one of them to Twilight :)

Go Team Bella.

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