October 22, 2010


These past two Wednesday evenings, I've been learning how to crochet amigurumi dolls at the Urban Craft Center.  Well, not dolls, just doll - singular.  He took over 6 hours to make and I had to re-stuff him because, well you remember, Pepper tore his insides out.  

My goal this weekend is to make another one but they're all just too cute.  I can't decide on which.  Maybe the ninja?  Or the one with a tie and blood dripping out of his mouth?   The description of him in the book is, "Corporate Zombie.  Eat. Sleep.  Work.  Brains."  Too funny.  It kind of reminds me of the book I'm reading now, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  Such a funny funny book.  Especially if you get the audio version because they imitate the zombie voices.

Oh, and I'm very excited for the weekend.  Lots of fun stuff planned ... hiking, yoga, shopping AND we're taking Monday off for our engagement photo session in San Juan Capistrano so it's a three day weekend for me and one less work day next week.  

Still no updates on the wedding planning.  At some point in the next few weeks I'll start the following:
Choose the menu
Pick out invitations
Decide on wedding colors 
And try to find some cute bridesmaid dress choices.  
I'm still thinking I'm going to do Fuschia as one of the colors.  And maybe yellow as well.  Either yellow or a charcoal gray.  I've crossed turquoise off the list since we'll have enough of that color from the ocean in the background.  

Do you think dressing up as the Corpse Bride would be a bad idea for Halloween?  

I think it'd be fun.
Anyhow .... Poncho on my bed.  About to fall asleep.  He says good night. 


grace said...

nosferatu is handsomely scary.

Allison said...

I like how I just wrote an email asking you a bunch of questions that were all answered by reading this post. :)

grace said...

did you watch modern family last night? the mom was corpse bride... verrrry scurry.

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