October 28, 2010


Last night on the way home, Chris asked me what I felt like eating for dinner.  

me: I want In N Out french fries.
fiance:  You can't eat that for dinner.  What else do you feel like.
me: Garlic cheese biscuits from Red Lobster.
fiance: Ok, besides that. 
me: A hot krispy kreme chocolate glazed donut. 
fiance: You can't have a donut for dinner.  How about we get Subway.  
me: Blech.    
fiance: Fine.  Just pick any reasonable place and we'll eat there. 
me: Wing Stop.  So I can get my french fries.   
fiance:  I said reasonable.  Let's just pick up a sandwich at Subway. 
me: Gag.  That's what I think about Subway.  I'd rather eat a bowl of cereal than eat a cold limpy Subway sandwich. 
fiance: Fine eat cereal.  I'm getting a sandwich.  
me: Fine.  

So last night I had a bowl of cereal.  And then I ate half of Chris' Subway sandwich because I was starving and it smelled really good. 


Mayra said...

You're silly.

Allison said...

Fries for dinner is a perfectly suitable dinner!
P.s. I like your ticker... ;)

daphne said...

i love it. i always end up eating Jordan's food too. Except when its lamb. BLECH.

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