October 12, 2010

Sunday dim summing.

On Sunday we took Obette to eat dim sum (it was his first time).  He was excited and I was excited for him. Since there were six of us, we qualified for the "big" table with the special circle turner in the center which came in handy because we ordered a lot of food.  We already order a lot when Chris comes with because he eats for two (and sometimes three).  Sometimes we order an entire metal container just for him and then order another one for everyone else to share.  He usually gets two metal containers of bbq pork buns (6 total) just for himself but this time he only managed to eat three buns.

I haven't had dim sum in so long - I forgot how good it is.  We used to go every week with my parents when we were both unemployed but now we hardly venture out of our neighborhood on weekends.  Living in Rowland Heights means we eat lots of good Korean food and ramen but not that much good Chinese.  We have to drive to Monterey Park for that and even though it's not more than 20 minutes away and my dad always drives, I still hate being in the car on weekends.  I instituted a ban on traveling anywhere west of Monterey Park on Saturdays and Sundays.  On several occasions we've ventured out to Santa Monica (or somewhere near there) and spent over 2 hours in the car getting there and back.  Traffic in Los Angeles is actually worse on Saturdays than during rush hour on a regular work day.  Go figure.  

Anyways, it's time for bed.  Pepper says good night:


Allison said...

UGH I was CRAVING dim sum soooo bad the other week (when I met my family for lunch to tell them the "big news") but it was super crowded and we ended up eating Korean-Chinese food. NOT the same at all. Your post made me want it that much more!!

I can't believe it took this long for the Huangs to break Obette's dimsum cherry!

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