November 7, 2010

Another weekend.

How in the world can two days (plus an extra hour) fly by so quickly?  I can't believe it's already Sunday night.  Sigh. 

Anyhow, on Friday evening we helped Matt ease into his 31st year at Houston's for dinner.  I had a Hawaiian Ribeye and Chris ordered the Chicken Salad. He's on a diet but somehow ended up eating 2/3 of my steak and most of my loaded baked potato - and he was all proud of himself saying things like, "Wow, I'm so glad I had the Chicken Salad, I feel great. It's good I didn't order anything heavy."  Yeah, seriously.  The highlight of the evening: Alli brought pics of the fetus baby :)  I swear he looks like Matt!    

The rest of the weekend we spent with the pups and working on my crochet.  I had a special request for a corporate zombie ... I'm almost done with him.  I just need some red felt for his bloody mouth and some polymer clay for his eyeballs and he'll be ready to go.

We also did our family Turkey Day celebration this weekend because Chris and I are headed East for Thanksgiving and my parents leave for Japan and Taiwan on Wednesday.  They'll be gone for 2 whole weeks ... which means, we're on our own for groceries, cooking, weekend lunches, laundry and making our own beds.  I know, how will we ever survive.  

Oh and guess what. I got some great shots of Poncho.  Isn't he just the most handsomest Boston ever?  Look at those cheeks. 


Yeah and I guess Pepper's pretty cute too.  

I just saw the bottom of Chris' feet and they're really dirty.  My parents switched all of the carpet in the house to hardwood so now our feet act as swiffers and pickup every piece of dust, dog hair and lint lying around.  It's pretty gross.

Ok signing off. I hope you had a nice weekend.  


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