November 12, 2010


Tomorrow I have an important meeting with my Crockpot.  Chris will be digging through our storage unit (aka my parents’ garage) to find him.  He has to be in one of the nine boxes labeled “Kitchen and other stuff.”  FYI this last pack’n’move to LA was the most unorganized, disheveled mess ever.  We graduated from our MBA program on June 5, 2009, spent the following week in Niagara Falls with my parents, and then had 2 days to pack everything we owned and move it to a storage unit before vacating our apartment in Cambridge.  That meant stuffing everything as quickly as possible into boxes without properly organizing.  We just stuffed and wrote on the label, 

and roller skates, paperback books, magnets, lunch bag, yoga mat, swimming goggles, and other miscellaneous from hall closet.”

At that time, I honestly thought that we’d have jobs in a few months and that all of our boxes in storage would be unloaded and unpacked into a cute new apartment in some exciting fun city so there wasn’t really a need to properly pack.

So when we left 285 Cambridge, we each brought a small suitcase of summer tops, shorts and flip flops to Chris’ parents’ house on Lake Winnipesaukee thinking we’d have a short summer vacay and then start our jobs in September.  Little did we know that we’d be unemployed for another 9 months or so, would have to move across the country without our possessions (still in Unit 1053 in Watertown’s Public Storage) without a car (parked outside Chris’ parents’ house) and move into my parents house permanently in LA.  Our stuff and the car finally joined us in California after we found jobs and after we had enough money to pay a moving company to bring them here.  Our stuff is now piled high in boxes in the garage just waiting for the day that we move into our own place ... hopefully soon … maybe around wedding time next year? Fingers crossed.  

Anyhow, I’ve come to terms with not knowing where most of my belongings are.  Well technically, I do know where they are (somewhere in the garage) I just don’t know how to get to them.  Every so often when we go through boxes to look for swim trunks or the KitchenAid, it feels like shopping.  I’ve forgotten more than half of the things we pull out of those boxes and every box is like opening a present except that the presents are used, smell like stale garage and previously purchased with my own money.

Anyhow, this weekend I need my Crockpot.  My parents are in Japan and Taiwan for the next two weeks and after just a few days of them being gone, I’m realizing how nice it is to have your dinners cooked for you when you get home and your lunches pre-packed for the next day of work.  With our +2 hour commute, jobs, Chris’ startup, and Chinese School classes, I'm just too tired to cook dinner.  So this week ..... CROCKPOT recipes galore.  First up: Pot Roast.  I'm trying a new recipe from a blog I stumbled across - Just Cook Already.  Looking forward to trying it.  

On Sunday we're headed to 
Big Bear for a short day hike.  
Hopefully it's not too cold.  
Pictures to follow soon ...


Lynette said...

Same here! My stuff has been in storage for almost 2 years!!! Who knew? If I had known I probably would have sold or gotten rid of more things.

What's up with Chinese school? Sounds fun.

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