November 29, 2010

happy thanksgiving

Have you ever had a popover before?  I think it's a New England thing but I'm not sure.  It kind of reminds me of Yorkshire pudding from Lawry's except it's bigger, rounder and has a crispy exterior.  Anyhow, they're really good.  Really really good.  Especially when you slather it with whipped honey butter.  


We had a great time visiting with family and filling our tummies.  

Oh, and did I mention how cold it was?  It froze over Thanksgiving evening and a set of ice storms blew through New Hampshire.  It made for lovely photos.

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 


Allison said...

Wow, looks so yummy! I love popovers!! Alton Brown has a good recipe FYI...

UrbanDoggs said...

You take the best photos!

Mayra said...

Wow, perfect plate of thanksgiving food! Yummy!

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