November 15, 2010

Hot water anyone?

Last night we weren't getting hot water in the house so we went out to the garage to investigate.  Chris told me to put my head at the base of the water heater and look through the little glass pane and keep an eye out for a flicker of light while he tries to re-light the pilot. Uh yeah okay I'll get on that right away.  I didn't want my head to catch on fire (this being pretty likely since the water heater is BROKEN) so we re-lit it first (without any heads nearby) and then looked for the light.  Good call on my part.  And no I'm not the one with two masters degrees (one of them being ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING by the way). 

Anyways, we lit and re-lit and re-lit.  Nothing happened.  So what did that mean?  No hot water to shower with.  Good thing we hiked all day and were covered in dirt and sweat.  And good thing my parents are in Asia and that we had no idea who to call (gas company?  plumber?  is there a such thing as a hot water heater guy?).

Chris bit the bullet and took a cold shower.  I was going to too but when I put my hand in the tub to check the water temp, I immediately recoiled.  There was no way I was going in there.  I'm not sure what's worse: taking a freezing cold shower or sitting in a day's worth of filth?  I thought about it long and hard and decided instead to "bathe" using 5 pots of boiled water, a hand wash cloth and wet wipes.  This is how they did it back in the day?  Well, it worked out pretty well if I don't say so myself.  

Anyhow, the gas company came and said the problem is with the water heater not the gas connection.  Then the plumber came and said that the problem is with the water heater (no, really?).  Apparently it needs to be replaced.  Home Depot said we should call GE.  GE's website says it takes anywhere from 1-3 days to get someone out here.  The point of all of this is that we won't have hot water for at least another 2 days.

I don't think we're gonna get by with pots of hot water for 2 more days.  I looked online and Pacific Palms is offering rooms at $95 a night.  $95 is a bit steep for a shower no?  I wonder if they'd give us a discount if we bring our own towels and soap?



Mayra said...

Oh no! You should get a hotel near work, that way it will save you the daily commute and you get a hot shower! That's worth $95, no?

grace said...

stay with me! your commute will be like an hour less...

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