November 21, 2010

We're here.

It wasn't really the best day to fly.  It was pouring on the way to the airport but everything was fine.  No delays.  Surprisingly we got through security quickly.  I was anticipating long lines due to the new xray machines that everyone keeps talking about but apparently Ontario isn't important enough to have one yet.  Good thing.  I wasn't looking forward to the pat down.   
The flight was relatively fast and when we stepped off the plane it was FREEZING out. Well it was only 50 or so degrees but it was windy.  I forgot how cold it gets here.  And another thing I also forgot.  You can actually see stars out at night!  And I don't mean just a few scattered lights in the sky ...  when you look up, it feels like you can see every single star in the entire universe - it's that beautiful.  The air is fresh and crisp and clear and then the trees -- all you see is trees 360 degrees around.  It really is beautiful here.  


daphne said...

love the new blog layout ting. did u design it urself? :)

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