November 23, 2010

No alarms, no taxes and lots of waffle fries = good day.

Today was a very good day.  First off, I slept in.  And I mean, really in.  We're still getting adjusted to the time change so we fell asleep pretty late last night and today, I woke up at 11:30.  Okay okay, maybe noon. Then after a nice long hot shower I went upstairs for a cup of coffee and to chat with Chris' mom about Ina Garten's new cookbook. I love it by the way.  

Then, as if angels themselves descended upon the Earth, Chris offered to take me to the outlets to shop.  His idea entirely.  I know!  Could the day get any better???  I love the outlets in New Hampshire because there are no crazy mobs of people, absolutely no lines and there's plenty of close by parking.  Actually, the stores were pretty much empty today.  (It's hunting season you know.  People have more important things to do.)  AND I haven't even mentioned the best thing about New Hampshire outlets ...... There are no state taxes.  NONE at all.  So that pretty much means every single thing is 10% off.  

I walked out with three bags of clothes, slippers, winter tights, socks, jewelry and a jacket -- all for about $150.  Merry Christmas to me.

After shopping we went to my favorite place for dinner, Chunky's.  And no it's not just a restaurant, it's a movie theatre too!  AND, the seats look like this: (fully reclinable by the way)

When we get to Chunky's, there's a sign that says: Monday Mania - All shows $6. All Margaritas $2. As if the day could get any better. We ended up watching Harry Potter 7 (awesome awesome) AND I ordered chicken strips with WAFFLE FRIES (!!!).  I love love waffle fries.  It's only the best kind of fry and it's really hard to find you know.  Only Chic-Fil-A has them and there's never any Chic-Fil-A's nearby so I haven't had them in like forever.  Literally. 

Anyways what a great day.  And it's only Monday :) 


grace said...

sounds amazing. it's chilly, trafficy, and smogy here. not missing much. happy turkey day! gobble gobble. alli and i are getting korean chinese tonight.

Allison said...

carl's has crisscut fries that are ok. but chick-fil-a's are definitely better! wish i was in nh instead of work! :(

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