November 18, 2010

Order's been restored. And a list of other things.

i.   The hot water's back. (Yay!)  When I woke up this morning I walked straight to the kitchen and was about to put on a pot of water to boil so that I could wash my face and then realized that I didn't have to.  Funny how quickly the body adapts. 

ii.  I caught a cold.  I'm thinking it had something to do with the whole not having hot water thing.

iii. Chris and I have decided to fly down to visit the wedding venue in January.  We realized that it was just too difficult to plan an entire wedding without ever seeing the place and trying to communicate decorating ideas via email with the language barrier was becoming tedious and a bit stressful.  Plus we'll get to meet with our wedding coordinator, florist, dj, decorator, etc.  I think it'll be worth it. 

iv. I've been having the same horrific dream lately.  I keep showing up late for my own wedding.  I look at the clock and it's 5 PM and my hair's in a pony tail and I have no makeup on.  Last night's dream was a variation -- my entire family and bridesmaids forgot to show up and I was just standing there at the altar (an hour late) in my dress, hair in a ponytail, all by myself.
v.  There's a Hello Kitty event in Santa Monica!  Doesn't it look like the most wonderful place in the world??  I can't wait!

vi.  I'm also excited about the pot of Jambalaya I have cooking overnight in the crockpot.  It'll make for a tasty lunch.  

Good night.
Sleep tight.
Don't let the bed bugs 


grace said...

i like the new banner and typefont. :)

Allison said...

Hear, hear - love the new look! Have fun in NH!

Mayra said...

Me three! Love the new look!

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