November 4, 2010

Smiling, posing and sweating

Oh my what a day I had yesterday!  Chris and I took the day off to get our engagement photos taken.  Finally I know.  It's been an event in the works for weeks now because of all the rain we've been getting in LA (!).  Who would've thought rain would be an issue in LA ... seriously, who would've thought.  Anyhow, I woke up bright and early and headed off to get my hair done at Tantrum Salon and then drove to the mall so that the girls at the MAC counter could do my makeup.  My fake eyelashes were so thick and so heavy I could barely see past them.  Every time I blinked I felt a swoosh of wind and all I could see were dark shadows above my eyes.

With my poofy hair and heavy lashes we drove off to San Juan Capistrano and met the photographer at the Mission.  It was about 90 degrees out when we got there and I was already sweating.  Good thing I wore a silk dress for the first formal shots so that every bead of sweat could roll off my body and make little tiny stains every time the dress touched my skin.  Poor Chris was in a full suit while we walked around the entire mission for different shots and poses.  "Look at the camera, look to the right, look to the left, look at each other, smell each other, and now kiss."  This is what we heard all day.  That and, "Chris -- try to look more relaxed.

Our second stop was the old railroad station around the corner where we went to get some casual shots.  Afterwards we set off for the beach and took literally one meeeellion photos by the rocks, by the wave barrier, at the gazebo, on the grassy area, walking along the coastline towards the sun, walking along the coastline away from the sun, sitting on the sand, standing on the sand, looking at the water, staring off at the sunset... you name it, if there were any possible photo opp, the photographer took it.  Towards the last half hour, I just wanted it to end.  It was torture I tell you. I was so tired of walking on the sand and I was itchy because of the salt water and my poofy crunchy hair was blowing every which way and I was sticky from all the sweat from the day and my makeup felt like it was melting off and for the love of god -- my stupid heavy lashes were so itchy I wanted to rip them off right then and there.  Oh and the bubbles!  How could I forget the bubbles.  I thought it would be nice to have a few photos with bubbles so I made Chris buy bubbles at Target (the day before) and then on the beach we spent about 20 minutes trying to get the stupid bubble blower ring sticks out and for the life of me we couldn't get the slippery suckers.  Finally the photographer used his pinky finger and somehow managed to finagle them out (they used to be attached to the lid when we were kids - do you remember that??  They were attached for good reason.) and then we spent another 20 minutes trying to blow bubbles both at the same time and it's not easy I tell you especially when you're sitting Indian style on the ground with sand stuck to your inner thigh and butt (I was wearing a dress) trying to look cute and happy when really what you want to do is throw the pieces of crap on the ground and yell at the stupid bubble bottle makers for not making the diameter of the ring blowers larger so that you can actually blow a friggin bubble.  Goodness goodness. 

But anyways, look at my pretty lashes ... aren't they just so wonderful and thick and full and pretty??  I wish I had lashes like this in real life.  Ivy -- hint hint -- Latisse for Christmas please. 


grace said...

i'm sure it wasn't that bad. your makeup looks pretty.

Allison said...

Now when you hear those gorgeous supermodels complaining about how hard their work is, you kinda actually believe them... Well, for a second. You guys of course were paying for the torture, not GETTING PAID. He he.

Cindy said...

one word, "latisse".

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