December 6, 2010

Camera-purse bags! Ingenious.

I love love these Jo Totes camera bags.  Aren't they the bestest most smartest thing ever?   It's so annoying carrying around my purse AND camera tote and I'm sure I look like a geeky tourist lugging around the one I have now:


+  Ting = Dork 

Epiphanie makes really cute camera bags too but I think the colors are a little too trendy for me.  I can see Ivy rolling her eyes now.  You're talking to the gal that only wears black, gray, white, and tan.  I've just recently added navy blue to my wadrobe.  Yes - living on the edge.  But who knows.  Maybe I'll surprise myself and get the red Lola!  Probably not. But they're cute, huh?

I think I might order one for myself for Christmas.  Why it's the time for giving, don't you know.

Anyways, tonight, I continue to upload engagement photos.  The files are HUGE and our internet at home is splotchy.  Bad combination.  

                Good night!


Lynette said...

I want one!! and I don't even have a camera for it. Just want to get started on my list of things (and accessories) I'm going to buy when I get a job.

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