December 16, 2010

Hello Kitty!

Guess what's in McDonald's Happy Meals??  Oh it's just so cute.  I love it!  Ivy texted me to tell me they were at McDonald's and by the time I had a chance to swing by the local Mickey D's around the corner, they were all sold out!  So then I asked my mom to look at the McDonald's near her work and I guess it turned into an entire afternoon of my dad driving around my mom looking for Hello Kitty watches.  They finally found a location that had some left.   And she bought 5.  I'm so excited :) 

I mean, it's just my opinion and all, but I think it looks great on me.  I wonder when I'll grow out of my Hello Kitty phase.  Probably not anytime soon considering it started when I was 3. 

                 Good night,


grace said...

what's your mom going to do with 5 hello kitty watches? give em away for xmas?

mini said...

so cute !!!! lol your parents sound like mine, this is the kind of mission they would love haha

have you seen these? quite the rage in asia a while back!

Lynette said...

was this just in cali or everywhere?

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