December 3, 2010

On my Kindle.

I'm reading this book right now and it's good ... in a haunting eerie kind of way.  I won't give too many details just in case you plan on reading it, but it's interesting (I'm not sure that's the right word.. perhaps creepy is a better choice) how the characters in the novel accept their fate so willingly.  I'm not done with it yet.  According to Kindle I have 8% left but it's hard to put down at night.  When I Googled it just now, I found out it's a movie and Keira Knightly's in it.  I'm not sure how they turned it into a movie because the book is just a collection of stories, a journal pretty much, and there's really no climax or story line... it just goes on and on about random events.  I think I'll watch it when it comes out on DVD.  
Good night and I hope you have a fabulous weekend.  I'm in desperate need of a glass of wine and r&r. 


UrbanDoggs said...

Hey Ting. I f you read this can you tell me how you got that cute little "ting" signature. I love it. I'm thinking of something similar for my sign off "I'm Just Sayin" I hate typing it after every post :) So lazy. Thanks

oh and looking forward to the big forehead pictures! (I have a big head so I know what you mean) and the Poncho story I can identify with. Lily slips off and I find her downstairs in her bed. I feel so bad and always wonder if she's sick.

Mayra said...

Oh, is that the book about the humans that are bred for their parts? I want to see movie too!

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