December 3, 2010

Night and Day

Sometimes I call Poncho, Mr. Anti-Social, because he's always hanging out by himself.  Everyone else is in the living room laughing and talking and the little one is all cuddled up next to Chris and then we look around and say, "Where'd Poncho go?"  And then I look in Ivy's room and there he is.  Sleeping all by himself.  

And then I hop on the bed and give him a hug and ask, "Why are you so anti-social Mr. Poncheeto?"  And then he just looks at me, turns away, and sighs.  Then he falls back asleep.  

Tonight we're testing out the new breadmaker my parents bought on Black Friday.  Ivy made cinnamon raisin bread.  I'll try it, even though I don't like cinnamon.  

The studio uploaded our engagement photos yesterday.  After looking through them, I've realized two things:
1) I have bad posture, and
2) I have a really big forehead.

I'll upload the photos later this week when we receive the CD in the mail. Despite my huge forehead, I think they turned out well. I'm excited :)

Good night,


Haylee said...

You don't like cinnamon? You're crazy woman!
Poncho has got to be one of the cutest dogs ever, even if he is antisocial. :)

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