December 19, 2010

pho pho pho

I finally found a hair dresser that shares the same style as me.  Every time I see Eric at Tantrum, I always walk away with a real smile, and not one of those obligatory fake ones which you know, are really hard to feign when you kinda sorta hate what you're looking at, and even for me because I'm a pretty good liar.  I'd have to say it's one of my strongest points.

And I had to cut bangs because, well, the whole big forehead realization thing post-engagement photos.  I forgot how annoying they can be.  So what do you think?

On Saturday evening, we spent most of the night playing cribbage.  We've been wholey addicted to that game ever since Matt and Allison taught us how to play.  

(Chris won this game.)

On Sunday we had the BEST Vietnamese and I kept thing how Grace would love it here.  I wanted to take a picture of all the food, but you know what -- I totally FORGOT to - it was that good!  We devoured everything and all I have is a picture of the aftermath. 

Meanwhile, the tree is filling up!  I can't wait to open gifts on Thursday.  I told Ivy to stick to the blue and white theme of the tree decorations, but she didn't listen, and instead came home with a box of all red and green wrapping paper.

Hope you're keeping dry.  It's supposed to rain all week :(  I would like this week to FLY by please.  With the rain, I think the traffic to work may kill me. 

                 Good night, 


grace said...

mm now i really want egg rolls

mini said...

cute bangs! I'm really jealous. I can't have stylish long bangs cuz my forehead is too small bleargh

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