December 13, 2010

the tree!

Okay, so the plan was to get a 3 foot tree because first off, there's not much room in my parents' living room for anything bigger and this is mostly because my parents have a TON of furniture (don't ask me why, well actually I know why, it's because my father collects gemstones and rocks and various other doodads and he uses the living room to display all of his stuff and also because my parents' are Buddhist and they have an abnormally large shrine in the corner of the living room) and anyways where was I?  Oh yes, point 1: not much space in the living room and point 2: Christmas trees are expensive! I mean originally I was thinking of getting a fake one because my thinking was this: a fake plastic tree from China has to be cheaper than a real tree that's been grown and watered for 5 years and then hacked down and transported to your local Home Depot right???  Well actually no ... real trees are cheaper than fakes ones.  Go figure.  So anyways, that's why we were going to stick to a 3 footer because they're cheaper and we're in super money saving mode because of the whole wedding thing and living with my parents thing and insurmountable school debt thing. You know - just those little things.  Anyways, so yes, despite all this, we walked out with a 5 footer (still small but way bigger than originally planned.)  It really wasn't my fault.  Compared to Chris all of the trees in the lot looked really small and the 3 footer was TINY so that's how we walked out with the one we chose.  Anyways, here he is:

 You like?


UrbanDoggs said...

Ok it's me the blog dummy again with yet another question. How do you get music to play for a particular post. I was trying to do that.

oh and very nice tree and party pics and LOVE the engagement pics.

mini said...

Love the color scheme!!! Also 5 ft is pretty tall since I am that height lol. Oh but where the presents :D

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