December 21, 2010

xiao long bao

Tonight we had xiao long bao aka soup dumplings for dinner.  My mom found this wonderful place that sells them homemade, frozen, 50 to a bag, made by a husband and wife team in Monterey Park.  Apparently they have a 6 bedroom house and 5 of those bedrooms have freezers, refrigerators and other kitchen stuff needed to make and store their dumplings.  They are SO good.  Of course, not as good as Din Tai Fung's, but pretty darn close.

1. Place frozen dumplings on napa cabbage pieces or sliced regular cabbage (I used Taiwanese cabbage). 

2.  Steam for exactly 10 minutes. 

3.  Eat - with lots of freshly sliced ginger, vinegar and soy sauce.  Yummo as Rachel would say. 

On a more important note, Chris is in the other room wrapping my Christmas gifts.  One of the boxes looks the like perfect size to fit a camera purse bag (!) ... yay!  I'm so excited.  I hope he picked the right color.....


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