December 31, 2010

Changing the title of this post from "Best of" to just "2010."

Dearest 2010,
Thank you for a good year and all, but to be honest with you -- you were kind of anti-climactic. I had such high hopes for you, and well, you kinda sorta let me down. Especially when comparing you to your predecessor, because I mean 2009 was just the best I tell you - all the traveling, the graduating, the getting engaged.  But it's okay, I forgive you.  You were still good to me, but please, if it's not asking for too much, can you put in a good word for me for 2011? 

Yours truly.

in january things were looking pretty bleak.  we'd graduated over 6 months before, had just bounced from chris' parents house to my parents' house and had no job prospects in sight.  i remember thinking post graduation with our fancy degrees that we'd move to somewhere exciting like new york city or somewhere abroad. chris at his fancy (and high paying) finance job and me working at some ultra cool ultra chic firm.  but - little did we know that that's not what the world had in store for us. 

oh and did I mention, we were also engaged but had no plans for a wedding, because well, weddings cost money and given that we couldn't even start repayment on our student loans - we would put the wedding on hold, along with everything else.

but - we forged on with high hopes.  

we rang in the new year with good friends.

and then traveled to san francisco to attend our very first bar mitzvah.

a miracle came in february and i realized that the world had not completely given up on me -- i landed myself a job after searching for almost 8 months (yay!)

but my new job was 40 miles and an hour and a half away so i bought myself a gas friendly hybrid egg.  the first car that i had ever purchased with my very own money (further adding to my debt).

In march, chris reluctantly turned 31.

we also camped for the very first time. Where i then proceeded to drop my car keys into the public toilet at the campsite.

in April, the best thing that could ever happen happened.  chris found a job.  i can't even begin to explain how happy we were.  it was wonderful in every imaginable way AND it was at my company so we could carpool in and cut my total commute time by an hour every day.  godsend, i tell you.  
in may, we celebrated my centennial blog post. that's about all that happened that month, periodendsentence.
in june, we traveled to sf to eat oysters with friends.

and then on the 26th, christopher and i celebrated 6 years of togetherness.  i was very surprised given that even after living together, going to school full-time together, and now commuting, eating lunch and working together, we were still happy and chugging along. 

in that month, i also made some headway on wedding planning: i bought my dress which i love. i wish it were here now so i could wear it everyday and stare at myself in the mirror.  you think i'm kidding.

by the end of july, wedding planning was kicked into high gear.  we (as in me) booked the wedding venue, finished the website, and ordered the save the date's - ting and chris to be married on 5.29.11 in mexico (woohoo!).
i also turned 30 that month.  no need to bring that up again. (but thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate with me in las vegas)

we also made a a trip to the lake to visit chris' family.

in august, ivy brought the little ball of adorable cuteness home - pepper.

everyone was happy - except for poncho.

september and october were pretty eventless but i did learn how to crochet.

in november, chris took me to san diego

and later that month, we got some hiking in at big bear.

and finally we ended the month in new hampshire, spending thanksgiving with the gaudet's.  (the girls also took me out for a mini-bachelorette party!)

and well then that brings us back to december. see, pretty anti-climactic.

all in all however, i do think it was a solid year.  nothing too exciting but a lot was accomplished.  jobs secured, student loans starting to get paid back, wedding details being finalized and we're beginning to map out the next few years of our lives - when and where we're going to move, what to do with our careers ... that kind of thing.  big stuff.  important stuff. 

i'm happy to have my friends, my family and my health and i'm very much looking forward to saying goodbye to 2010 (good riddance I say!) 2011 is going to be a big year.  i can feel it.

i hope you had a memorable 2010 and i'll see you next year :) 


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