January 19, 2011

dear snow: i don't miss you.

{source}  ... this is an actual photo taken in Boston a few hours ago

When I look at photos like this and read articles like these, I wonder how in the world I survived the 2.5 years I lived in the Northeast.  Wearing shoes like this for a consecutive 6 months (mine were chocolate brown):
 A coat the shape, size, and thickness of a sleeping bag.  Gloves, scarf and knit hat with furry ball on top:
{image from ae.com}
(tie loose ends together in a knot and tuck into scarf)

I also learned what words like sleet, freezing rain, ice storm, Nor'Easter, snow flurry, and wind chill mean.  I remember walking to class and slipping on the ice that froze over on the sidewalk, catching myself on the chain link fence and thanking god that I didn't fall and break my neck.  I also remember not seeing the sun for an entire 2.5 months (and that was in the summer too when it rained every single day - I'm not exaggerating.  It rained so hard sometimes that I actually had to pull over on the freeway and wait it out because my wind shield wipers weren't moving fast enough).

Anyways, there's been some mumbling and rumbling about the weather here in LA recently.  Some harsh words about the rain and clouds and "cold" air (I'm guilty of this myself).  And yes yes, the weather has been pretty atypical and such but really, its not that bad.  I mean come on now really?  It's still better than this: 

Reuters.com: Massachusetts lifted its state of emergency on Thursday as New England dug out from under deep snow following a winter storm that blasted the region with high winds and chilly temperatures.



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reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhHr7LCVQRw&feature=player_embedded

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