January 14, 2011

i'm a starter! not a finisher ..

 And so the funny thing is, this morning, whilst sitting on my bed staring at my meager wardrobe, I looked around and saw quite bit of unfinished business going on.  And I mean lots of it.  Unstuffed amigurumi heads and bodies lying (or is laying?) around, a sad purse missing its straps, granny squares everywhere (literally everywhere), "Take Better Photos!" CD tutorials untouched and unopened, and my half-decorated room that I've been meaning to re-organize for months now.  I mean really, how did this come to be?  Sigh.

And then I thought, if only I didn't have to go to work today!  I mean I could accomplish so much!  That would be just fantastic.  But alas, no.  Work needs me and I hast better hurry and pick out something to wear because there was not gonna be any kind of crafty business happening today.

But then that got me thinking (on my drive to work because that's where I do most of my deep thought kind of thinking).  Have I really turned into that kind of person?  The kind of gal that starts everything under the sun and then loses interest and starts something else and never finishes a thing?  You know those are the types of people you see on those reality TVshows like Hoarders and Clean Sweep - Gasp!

So I've decided that my new year's resolution for 2011 is to be more of a finisher.  I will try my best to finish more projects and maybe also not start as many and maybe also also not pickup any more hobbies until 2012.

Perfect timing might I add, as I have a whole extra day this weekend (!) to finish up some stuff.  But first I need to start (and finish) making a dress for my friend Devon's Dresses for Africa Project and then I promise no more new until I finish the old.      

happy weekending ...


Allison said...

Oh, honey, I've ALWAYS been a starter (and not a finisher)...

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