January 28, 2011

it's Fridaaaaaaaaaay!

And thank goodness.  I thought you'd never come.

Last night our marketing group went over to Alibi Room for our monthly team building activity aka happy hour.  I had myself 3 short rib tacos and a large handful of spicy fries.  They have the best fries you know.  And the best tacos.  And the drinks are pretty darn good too.

When I got home, I found the two pups waiting for me which was a surprise because Ivy usually leaves for Palm Springs on Thursdays but it turns out she had a late dinner with friends so the pups were still there!  So then I spent the next thirty minutes telling Poncho how handsome he is and how he's my favorite all while petting Pepper telling her she's the prettiest pup ever and how she's my favorite too.  Chris got tired of this real quick and went into the room to work on his computer.  And then later in the night he reminded me that he had a 8 am telecom in the morning so we needed to be out of the house by 6 am which means we had to set our alarm for 5 am.  So not a nice way to start a Friday.  Thank god I had a belly full of tacos or else I'd have been slightly annoyed. 

Anyhow, tonight we head over to Alli and Matt's for dinner and games :)

Also, I've been thinking that it's time to get one of these:

I think we may be the only humans left on earth that don't have iphones yet.  I mean, we don't even have internet on our phones.  I know!  Chris thinks we should wait until the newer version comes out next year which is just completely absurd because that means it would be the iphone5 -- the FIFTH GENERATION -- because you know the third and fourth generations just weren't good enough to warrant a purchase but the FIFTH, now that's a whole different story, the fifth is worth buying.  Sigh.  Maybe he'll surprise me and get me one for Valentine's Day or maybe as a pre-I'mGonnaMarryYou present?  His Birthday is also coming up in March .... maybe instead of getting him something, he can get me something?  Does it work like that?


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