January 30, 2011

Vegas... sigh.

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic for Las Vegas.  Is there a such thing as Vegas withdrawals?  Maybe it's just the holidays I'm missing.  Either way, I wish it weren't Sunday evening and I wish I didn't have to drive into work tomorrow morning.

I spent most of the weekend doing boring wedding things which is why it seems like Sunday night snuck up so quickly.  I looked for bridesmaid dresses, bought the invitations and tried the food out at Mission 261 for our Chinese banquet post-Cancun (food was okay).  My parents are hosting a Chinese wedding banquet after we get back from our honeymoon to celebrate with friends and family that couldn't make it to Mexico.  I think it's a good idea .. and a good excuse to eat Peking Duck and honey walnut shrimp.

Oh and how could I forget -- I finished my purse!  It looks nothing like the photo and the straps are lopsided and a bit too long but it works!  I promise to follow seam allowances on my next project.  

I think I'm gonna be needing a road trip soon.  I'm feeling all ansy and cooped up here at my parents' house.  Chris and I were thinking about visiting Zion on Valentine's weekend.  I think that might work out well.  Hopefully one of us finds some time to plan it before the weekend comes up.  Any hikes you recommend?

Ok off to bed and then to the gym in the morning.
Good night and I hope you had a nice weekend :)


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