February 4, 2011

Chris' appendix.

My goodness, it's been a whirlwind week!

Chris was complaining of a stomachache on Sunday night (I made taco salad) and then next thing you know after seeing the doctor on Monday morning (where he had a fever of 102.5), he's being checked into the hospital for an emergency appendectomy!

It all happened so fast:  Dr. Lin was like, "You need to go to the ER, you might have appendicitis..." and I was like, "No, he's just sick from the taco salad," and then he's in the ER and Dr. Leung's like, "You need a CT scan, I think it's appendicitis,"and again, I'm like, "Whoa there, it's just bad taco salad.."  And then fancy mister surgeon guy, Dr. Tran's like, "We need to remove your appendix immediately before it EXPLODES inside your body and infects all your organs and KILLS YOU!!"  I swear, he was melodramatic just like that.  He's crazy I tell you.

Anyways, sometime around 7 PM on Monday night, they're shaving his belly fur and cutting into his stomach and removing an organ that looks kind of like a big fat swollen caterpillar.  I brought it home with me - JUST KIDDING - that's disgusting.  And then staple staple (times 3 cause they made 3 incisions) shut and appendectomy's all done.  Poor baby :( 

But he's feeling much better and recovering quickly but his diet is like way limited.  He can barely eat anything!  So while I'm getting fat eating rice pudding and chocolate mousse from the hospital cafeteria and all the yummy stuff from Chinese New Year (Happy Chinese New Year by the way!), he's getting all svelte and trim.  Jealous is what I am.  But not of the 6 staples .... it's so creepy that they use staples!  Very Frankenstein-ish if you ask me.

So yes.  That was my week.  FYI Chris is out of the hospital - they discharged him on Wednesday night and he's doing just swell.  He gets tons of attention from my mom and from me and he gets a private sponge bath every night (from me, not my mom).  He's getting spoiled I tell ya :P

And yesterday was Chinese New Year!  We had a big dinner on Wednesday night and my mom cooked up a storm and we ate tons of Chinese food and cake and drank lots of wine.  Chris had a bowl of chicken broth and some noodles.  Poor thing but I snuck him some sticky rice cake so he was happy :)   

Oh and guess what???? The bridal shop called me and told me my wedding dress is here!  It has arrived!!!  I'm so excited.  I pick it up next Saturday and I'm hoping and praying that it fits perfectly (not likely) so I don't have to spend $200+ on alterations.  That would be just grand.     

This weekend I'm devoting myself to Amigurumi!  I just picked up this book from the library and I've been obsessed with starting a new creature.  But I still need to finish my zombies.... hmmm.  Well maybe zombies first then cute crochet animals.

And finally on Sunday, Crate and Barrel will bestow upon Chris and I a barcode gun where I will scan to my heart's desire.  Oh it's gonna be scary I tell you. 

Happy weekending and Happy Chinese New Year!

            Yours truly,


Urbandoggs said...

YIKES!!! Oh no poor Chris. Tell him to get well soon! Ting, at least go in the other room to eat your goodies:)

Mayra said...

Ohoh! I thought it was just food poisoning!! Now Chris and Geoff can compare appendectomy scars. Geoffrey swears he can still feel the pain whenever I touch the scar...

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