February 16, 2011


So I found this palm springs hotel in an article featuring romantic retreats and it kind of reminded me of this b&b we stayed at in Uruguay and then I started thinking about our So. America trip when we were back in school and how fun life was when you didn't have to work and commute and pay back student loans and then I started to get all poopy because I was thinking that not being able to travel to fun exotic places (and no Vegas does not count thankyouverymuch) is probably one of the worst things about getting married because you have to do this thing called saving money which in its entirety sucks.   


Anyways this place is dreamy.  And I would like to visit it.  Hopefully soon.  Maybe Chris will take me there for a weekend getaway and we can pretend that we're far faraway but really it's just an hour and a half away from my parents' house where we live in the back bedroom with very little privacy and all of our belongings are stuffed into the garage and I share a bathroom with my sister (just like I did I when I was 12 except now I'm 30)  but you know whatev.  It is what it is.  What can ya do about it.  

Oh and I forgot, the whole point of this post ... I watched Eclipse last night (after being Twilight sober for 6 months) and I have to warn you: the frenzy is starting up again.  Oh my.  I think I'll spend the weekend working on the Edward puzzle May got me for Christmas.   


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