February 18, 2011

a little bit of tapatio makes it all better

So sometimes I get in a real sour mood on the way home from work because we're stuck in traffic and I realize we won't get home until 8:30 and we still need to stop at Costco for gas and pickup food for dinner AND pack for Chris' trip back East this weekend.  Which means we probably won't eat dinner until 10 and we probably won't be ready for bed until close to midnight only to start the whole crazy cycle again tomorrow.

Before, when Chris and I had our own place, I used to cook dinner every night.  Well at least 5 nights out of the week.  I didn't make fancy things but I did make things like roasts and casseroles and pasta bakes.  I made chocolate souffles and blueberry pie for dessert and pancakes and waffles every Saturday morning.  I used to try out new recipes from Real Simple and Joy of Cooking.  I mean I used to cook and bake all the time and it was nice.  Really nice.   I remember when I was really stressed out from school, I'd come home from class, pour a glass wine and bake a pie, and then everything would feel that much better.

In June 2009 when we graduated from Sloan we moved in with Chris' parents in New Hampshire and that is when I stopped cooking.  And then 6 months later we moved in with my parents and still -- no cooking. 

You see my mom's kitchen is a Chinese kitchen.  She doesn't have things like meat thermometers or cheese graters.  She doesn't have a cupcake tin, baking sheets or even oven mitts (until just recently) and all this makes perfect sense because in my mom's Chinese kitchen, the oven isn't used.  I take that back ... it is used ... it's storage for over-sized pots and pans.   (But you know what my mom's kitchen does have is a really good wok and a really big rice cooker -- you know, the essentials.)

Anyways, part of why I dislike living at home is that I can't cook.  And part of the reason why I can't cook is because we spend a quarter of our day in the car comuting and by the time we get home it's too late and I'm too tired and all I want to do is eat a bowl of cereal and call it a night.

A few days out of the week my mom makes dinner before she goes to work (she works from 5 pm until midnight) - which is great because that means we have something to eat when we get home at 8:30.  But sometimes, she doesn't have time to make anything which means we're on our own and this usually means either Domino's or Subway (and sometimes Costco hot dogs (I know! *the shame*) though I've recently banned eating there) - all of which are unhealthy and because my Christopher has GERD and heartburn and other stomach issues it really isn't good that we're eating Domino's and Subway once a week - but it's fast and we're too lazy by the time we actually get to the house to do anything that requires any more effort.  (I actually think all of his stomach issues started when we began commuting so far and eating dinner at 10 o'clock at night.)

Anyways, on the way home in traffic I started thinking about eating Subway AGAIN for dinner and about Chris' heartburn and about living so far from work and not being able to make a nice healthy dinner that we can eat before 10 pm and about all my nice cooking stuff boxed up in the garage and about how Mr. Christopher Prudent loves to save money and loves living at home because of aforementioned money saving and then I started to get really frustrated and angry at life.

And then the hissy fit started as we were pulling into Subway (and I was really hating Subway at that moment and their stupid $5 footlongs) Chris said to me, "Let's go to the market and I'll make quesdillas for dinner.  You can shower when we get home and I'll make dinner."

And then.  All of a sudden.  I felt better. Because you know, that's the power of a quesadilla.  He even let me get sour cream!   I know, such a gentleman he is. 

Anyways, it was a good night and it made me feel better about starting another day tomorrow. 


grace said...

i thought that was a picture of the pizza from yesterday

Mayra said...

Oh Ting, we are so much alike, it's unbelievable.

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