February 8, 2011

valentine's day already?

Instead of spending the weekend amigurumi-ing, I was sick in bed.  I guess I caught something spending all that time in the hospital last week.  Ugh.  So I slept most of Saturday and most of Sunday but did manage to drag myself out of bed and garner up just enough energy to hold a scan gun at Crate and Barrel while we made our way through the store choosing dinner plates and silverware and cake stands and coffee machines and a million other fun household things :)  So many choices!

Anyhow I can't believe this weekend is already Valentine's!  Time flies huh?  Well to get into spirit I spent most of tonight making these cute heart garlands to decorate my room and cubicle with.  I found the idea through this cute blog and decided to try it out.

Step 1: Enlist tall white male to punch out about 100 hearts or so.  Use whatever scrap paper you have or like me, go to Michael's and spend 45 minutes staring at the thousands of paper choices only to walk away with 4.   

Step 1A*Optional*: Make heart puncher person wear paper heart necklace while punching.

Step 2: Line up hearts back to back and feed through your sewing machine leaving space at the beginning, in between each heart, and at the end.

Step 3: Fold hearts in half and that's it!  It really was one of the easiest projects I've ever done.  I ended up making a few extra garlands for my co-worker because it was so fast and easy to do.  

 Anyhow, I'm so congested I can barely breath.  Time to nod off.

         Good night!


Allison said...

Omg those garlands are ADORABLE! So is the amigurumi turtle... Maybe I will have to help you with the zombie hair. So you can start on that turtle asap!

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