February 22, 2011

weekend in pictures




i had monday off so it was a nice long weekend AND chris was in boston for his bachelor party so i had the whole weekend to myself.  i went with my mom and ivy to try a new tofu house in walnut [one].   i spent an unprecedented number of hours at target, walking down every single aisle, trying on bathing suits and shoes, looking at books and dvds, and perusing the food aisles looking for new archer farm products.  i also spent 3.5 hours at forever 21, 4 hours at michaels (i went friday, saturday AND sunday - so much fun!), 1/2 a day at the citadel outlets and 1/2 a day at ikea.  

i also finished my wedding invites - with the help of ivy [two].

AND i started an afghan blanket with the the 12 skeins of yarn i purchased at michaels for 25% off [three].   

i can't remember the last time i had such a relaxing weekend. 


Allison said...

Lucky gal! Food, stationery, and warm fuzzy things... Pretty much my three favorite things in the world!!

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