March 24, 2011

boiled beef

I found the yummiest shabu shabu place near my parents' house on a Groupon.  I love love shabu but unfortunately Chris doesn't like it which means I don't get to eat it often.  I know.... totally weird.  Who doesn't like shabu??!?  Quote, "I don't like to boil my meat."  Whenever I take Chris there, he dumps all his meat and all his veggies into the broth, swooshes for a few minutes, and then pulls it all out on his plate and eats it.  So not fun.

Anyways, last night Chris had a clean energy event to go to so I took Ivy to eat some boiled beef.  So delicious.

And we ordered the fried cheesecake with vanilla bean ice cream for dessert.  The cheesecake is deep fried and then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar like a churro.  So good.


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